Paul Oakenfold, The first DJ to play Stonehenge.

So It started like this. I got a call from Josh (Shoot J Moore). "Do you fancy coming to Stonehenge with me to film Paul Oakenfold do a DJ set, It'll be cool"

Erm.. Well you can guess what our answer was.

It's not everyday you get a call like that! and I can honestly say that it was cool... freezing in fact. I think by the end of the day my hand was frozen to the gimbal.

I have to say that, It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had, a massive thanks to English Heritage for letting us flim there. Paul Oakenfold and Alon for being the collest people to work with and the team at Denon DJ for getting us in to do it. It was one of the 'Once in a lifetime experiences'